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Freelancing in the Web Development Domain

August 17th, 2018

Freelancing is all about making a market for yourself in a given field. You have to consistently offer quality work and effectively create a niche for yourself in an already crowded ecology. Freelancing is a hard field to get into.

Competition is high and a lack of regular income is off putting but if you stay long enough in the game, the rewards are high and the freedom to do work on your schedule is a fruitful experience.

Web development is a saturated market as it is. There are plenty of big names in the field with an army of employees ready to do anything you throw at them. It is trying indeed to be able to sustain yourself as a freelancer in such an environment. Forget about flexible timings and convenient hours, at least initially, if you plan to make a living for yourself from just freelancing. It is only after a while when you’ve made a mark that you can afford to sit back and do jobs the way you had always wanted to.

What most people don’t take into account when starting to freelance, are the clients. The client always wants his work to be your number one priority, expect unreasonable quality standards and all this for the lowest amount of money that they get away with. It gets tiring and often leads to much friction between a developer and the client. There is still this mentality that people freelance because they weren’t good enough to get a company to hire them.

That because they don’t have a big brand name behind them, they are essentially cheap labor for what is undoubtedly some very high skilled work. This leads to some very frustrated developers who often start to second guess their choice to become a freelancer. But as any experienced freelancer will tell you, this is the way it is for every beginner and the way to get past this is to find a niche for yourself, to take on work that no one else would, to not give up and give each job you very best, and to excel at being the guy who gets the job done.

As with any good thing, freelancing too requires a little care and hard work in the initial stages for you to reap the benefits of it, as you would of a tree that you planted as a sapling and looked after tenderly with regular attention.

Web Design – Web Development

August 16th, 2018

While any good web design company should be well experienced at designing and making the highest quality websites, they shouldn’t just make new websites, but have a high level of expertise in web development and taking websites to the next level.

The internet is a fast moving place that seems to be continually accelerating, and most websites, even the most basic, have to continually be developed to meet the needs and requirements of its customers and users.

There are three main areas of website development; the first, and perhaps most frequently changing, are the developments required to meet the needs of the business as the business grows. Secondly, as internet technology develops, so too Websites will need to develop to incorporate new techniques and functions, and thirdly are developments to keep pace with the way people use the internet.

Almost all websites will need to change and adapt their content over time, particularly businesses. The internet is increasingly competitive for businesses, and it is important to maintain visibility and relevance within related industries to grow and be successful. That’s why we set up excellent content management systems to allow updates any time they are needed, not having to wait for us to do it. This enables website owners to keep their finger on the pulse and their businesses ahead of the game. Often, though, updates to the structure and function of a website are needed for extra content or services, which is why we stay up to date with the latest internet developments so we can provide truly innovative web development for your site.

It is not just website design that is developing at a rapid pace, but also what we can use websites to do. Integrating these new features and technologies can offer significant value to the service and user experience of any Website and place it ahead of its competitors, giving it a key advantage. We understand that our clients can’t be aware of all the latest possibilities for their sites, so we do it for them and recommend which innovations may be best suited for their web development.

Understanding the target market is crucial to any business, but it is not just a case of understanding what they want, but understanding how the market wants it. No more anywhere else is this the case than the internet, with perhaps the fastest changing user and consumer interaction of any industry. Over the past few year not only has there been a massive increase in the number of people that use the internet, but also what they use it for and how they use it. With the internet increasingly mobile, access to websites has grown further and faster. Website development of any site must not only understand these changes that are taking place, but also anticipate how users will want to use websites in the future. Faster access is critical, as people want to find what they are looking for much more quickly due to faster download speeds. Websites must present what they have to offer much more effectively and clearly as a result, and the challenge of integrating content, design and structure is only going get harder. Increased social interaction will also be another area of increased expansion over the coming years, and understanding how people communicate with each other on the web and the increased linking and integration of what they use the web for will dictate a large part of some essential requirements of any web development.

Keeping pace with changing needs of your business, new developments in internet and website technologies and the evolving ways in which people use the internet will all be vital parts of the web development of your business.

So You Want to Be a Web Developer?

August 15th, 2018

Ah, well, welcome to my world!

Work from home, when you want to. $150 an hour potential income. Work part time at full time wages.
Well, maybe 10 years ago.

So much has changed since I put up my first website back in the early 90s. Back then, the Internet was nothing more than a few pictures and some text, not much to it. The hosts were all UNIX boxes and you had to know how to make a directory, upload files, and the set folder and file permissions before anyone could see it!

Jump forward almost 20 years; the technology has changed so much that my 13 year old son could put up his own site. No worries about knowing where that file is, what makes it work, or how it could be improved. Such is the case with millions of other people who have access to the internet.

So why would someone want to pay you for something they could do themselves? Easy. They might be able to put up a picture and write some text, but it won’t look like all the other sites out there. Why? Easy. Because they were written by a professional, who has studied and learned what makes the internet tick and how it works.

So that’s the first obstacle you must overcome is to learn the internet, learn how to talk to the world!

The next obstacle is clients; you have to somehow get someone that wants a website, or a better one. Many people make up signs and post them beside the road with a phone number. Some use classified to search for people wanting a website, and then send them information about themselves; examples of past work and beg them for the job. Others don’t really have to look for work. Because they have done so much work and made their customers happy, they in turn refer someone to them.

Which leaves the last and final piece of advice, how much to charge. People are funny about websites. They want a professional website, but they want it for as little as they absolutely can get away with. When I was searching online classifieds for work, I can’t tell you how many time the headlines read:
“I need a Website, prefer student or beginner to pad profile” or something in that manner. In other words, “I need a website, I don’t want to pay you, but you can tell everyone that you made it for me”. Which in my opinion is just complete and udder disrespect for the trade! Then when you do find someone who respects you enough to pay you, they want to pay minimum wage. Even though it may have cost you as much as a Jr Collage degree for online courses, books, web space and advertising, it’s still only worth minimum wage to them.

So there is some advice from a professional web developer to someone who wants to be one. I have learned a lot about people, technology, and most of all financial security in my career. I hope that should you decide this is what you want to do, you will give the community, you and your customers the respect that this trade deserves.